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  • 1993 – 1994
    Fountain “Wellspring” dedicated to the bicentennial of Odessa. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 1994 - 1995
    Reliefs “Four Parts of the World” for Ernst Neizvestny’s monumental sculpture “Golden Child”. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 1996

    “Angel of Charity” — monumental sculpture, installed over the entrance to the Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities. Odessa, Ukraine

  • 1997
    Complex of fountains on the biblical theme for US ambassador’s residence in Ukraine. Kiev
  • 1998

    Design of “Peter Bird Trophy for Tenacity and Perseverance” for the Dijon International Film Festival “Les Ecrans de l’Aventure”. France

  • 1998
    “The 12-th Chair” — “The Twelfth Chair”, monument to writers I. Ilf and E. Petrov. Deribasovskaya Str., Odessa, Ukraine
  • 1999
    “The Apple of Amsterdam” — project of a monumental sculpture. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2001
    “Crystal Dream” — model of a monumental sculpture for “3 Acres On The Lake”, DuSable Park Proposal Projects. Chicago, United States
  • 2004
    Interior design and sculptural compositions for the Business Centre “Leonardo”. Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2005
    The Monument “In The Memory Of Victims Of Terrorism Around The World”. Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2006
    Decorative sculpture “A Tree of Love”. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2007
    Decorative sculpture “Heart of the World.” Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2009
    Fountain for “Intercontinental” hotel. Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2010
    Architectural project of the memorial complex “Babi Yar”. Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2011
    Architectural project of the monument to Isaac Babel. Sculptor G. Frangulyan. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2011
    Design of the hotel “Swisshotel Odessa”. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2012
    Sculptural compositions for the mall “City Centre”. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2012
    Sculptures for “Shabo Wine Culture Centre”. Shabo, Odessa region, Ukraine
  • 2013 - 2014
    Kinetic sculptural composition. Central alley in Arcadia Beach Recreation Area. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2015

    Park Sculpture "Odessa Time" , City Garden , Odessa

  • 2017

    Domus Solis Let this door be the front entrance to the House of the Sun. And let, people coming to this door, make their cherished desires.They are sure to be fulfilled!

  • 2018
    Life particles

    Sculpture composition for medical center Odrex in Odessa

  • 2018

    The fountain "The Beginning Of A Beginning", bronze, Greek Park in Odessa

  • 2018

    Soul of violin

    The music pedagogy award of honor 2018
    Foundation Sion Violin Music -Switzerland

  • 2019

    More books, less fear

    The sculpture is set near the Odessa National Scientific Library, which is one of the biggest treasuries of historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine.