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  • 1984

    Exhibition sadsads “Earth and People” at the “Manege”. Moscow, USSR

  • 1992
    Personal exhibition in the House of Artists. Moscow, Russia
  • 1994
    International Exhibition of miniature sculptures dedicated to Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. Ravenna, Italy
  • 1994
    Participation in the auction UNESCO UNICEF. Paris, France.
  • 1995
    “ The Gates into...” — personal exhibition as a part of the international conference, devoted to Kandinsky at the Museum of Western and Oriental Art. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 1996
    “Dreams of Montezuma” — personal exhibition within the international project “Communication”. Caracas, Venezuela
  • 2000
    Personal exhibition “Altar of Children’s Dreams”. The Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2001
    Exhibition “20 Artists of Ukraine of the end of XX Century”. National Museum of Arts. Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2001
    Exhibition “Ten Years of independence of Ukraine”. Institute of Ukraine in New York. USA
  • 2003
    Exhibition “Arts and crafts of Ukraine in XX century, 200 names”. Ukrainian House. Kiev
  • 2005
    Personal exhibition “7305”. Museum of Western and Oriental Art. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2014
    Exhibition “The Ukrainian Breakthrough”, Centre of Contemporary Art. Odessa, Ukraine