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  • 1993 – 1994
    Fountain “Wellspring” dedicated to the bicentennial of Odessa. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 1994 - 1995
    Reliefs “Four Parts of the World” for Ernst Neizvestny’s monumental sculpture “Golden Child”. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 1996

    “Angel of Charity” — monumental sculpture, installed over the entrance to the Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities. Odessa, Ukraine

  • 1997
    Complex of fountains on the biblical theme for US ambassador’s residence in Ukraine. Kiev
  • 1998

    Design of “Peter Bird Trophy for Tenacity and Perseverance” for the Dijon International Film Festival “Les Ecrans de l’Aventure”. France

  • 1998
    “The 12-th Chair” — “The Twelfth Chair”, monument to writers I. Ilf and E. Petrov. Deribasovskaya Str., Odessa, Ukraine
  • 1999
    “The Apple of Amsterdam” — project of a monumental sculpture. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2001
    “Crystal Dream” — model of a monumental sculpture for “3 Acres On The Lake”, DuSable Park Proposal Projects. Chicago, United States
  • 2004
    Interior design and sculptural compositions for the Business Centre “Leonardo”. Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2005
    The Monument “In The Memory Of Victims Of Terrorism Around The World”. Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2006
    Decorative sculpture “A Tree of Love”. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2007
    Decorative sculpture “Heart of the World.” Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2009
    Fountain for “Intercontinental” hotel. Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2010
    Architectural project of the memorial complex “Babi Yar”. Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2011
    Architectural project of the monument to Isaac Babel. Sculptor G. Frangulyan. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2011
    Design of the hotel “Swisshotel Odessa”. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2012
    Sculptural compositions for the mall “City Centre”. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2012
    Sculptures for “Shabo Wine Culture Centre”. Shabo, Odessa region, Ukraine
  • 2013 - 2014
    Kinetic sculptural composition. Central alley in Arcadia Beach Recreation Area. Odessa, Ukraine
  • 2015

    Park Sculpture "Odessa Time" , City Garden , Odessa