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This is an old Odessa door, which had a great life spanning two centuries. In the XIX century, the door decorated a grand entrance to the elite Odessa house, and proudly met and accompanied the residents and guests ...

The door has experienced a turbulent XX century of revolutions and wars, tragedies and disappointments, victories and successes ...

And, finally, in the XXI century, her path came to an end - the door was replaced with an armored one.

I really want to continue this story, because this is the story of our beloved city. It should not be forgotten.

The door has changed pine clothing to a bronze one and opened sash to the Odessa embankment. Right at sunrise.

Let this door be the front entrance to the House of the Sun. And let, people coming to this door, make their cherished desires.They are sure to be fulfilled!

Michael Reva