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«7035» design

This is the territory of personal experiences, memories and fantasies — my macrocosm, where certain images are acquiring defined ductile shapes.
Each work is a formula of world perception and insight into life.

“The First Breakfast Of The Third Millennium” — as a pious wish to mankind of becoming wiser and more merciful in the new century; even though we are still all the same and we’ll keep tasting all the same dishes of temptations that humanity has been partaking from time immemorial.

“Golden Cocoon” — as a reflection of human greed, when wealth becomes a measure of all values.

“Ark” — as a discovery of secret knowledge, in form of fruits, where every seed is a symbol of cognition.

“Altar Of Children’s Dreams” — as a source of sincere emotions.


Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Odessa