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To create a unique atmosphere of the international network of “InterContinental” Hotel in Kiev, we’ve been dealing with a difficult task — to comply with the basic requirements to this network of hotels anywhere in the world, and to link them with the need of designing a hotel of individual and recognizable — in the specific country and city — style.

As a basis we took the period associated with Trypil’ska and Scythian cultures that had a great influence on the formation of the Ukrainian nation. And in order to introduce elements of a particular culture into the overall concept of the hotel’s international network, that

is, to transform the ancient images into the decorative elements of the future hotel, we examined nearly all possible variants of transformation of the old style into the modern one.

It was important to make not just a copy, but let through enormous layers of time to find a completely new solution, all elements of which in the end would assemble, to form the whole image of a modern hotel.